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The  Vulamehlo Local Municipality (KZN 211) forms part of the Ugu District  Municipality (DC21). It is located south of the eThekwini municipality and is  bordered by Umdoni to the east, Mkhambathini and Richmond to the north and  Ubuhlebezwe to the west. It was established in 2001 with limited existing  capacity at the time.

The municipality is characterised by incisive valleys, river systems, hilly and broken terrain. The fragmented and steep topography has limited development in the area and greatly determined settlement patterns. The major river systems within the area are the uMkhomazi, Mpambanyoni and Mthwalume rivers. The other  perennial rivers which flow through Vulamehlo include Nungwane, Lovu, Msimbazi, Mzimayi, uMzinto and Mkhumbane Rivers.   The following table gives a brief summary of the wards, commenting specifically on landownership and location:

Ward 1
Traditional Authority area bordering on eThekwini and Umbumbulu. Separated from rest of Vulamehlo by Mkomazi River.
Ward 2
Traditional Authority area in close vicinity to Kingsburg in the eThekwini Municipality.
Ward 3
Infume located in ward. Traditional Authority and privately owned agricultural land just to north west of Magabeni.
Ward 4
Traditional Authority area located to north of Dududu, but south of the Mkomazi River.
Ward 5
Mkhunya located in ward. Traditional Authority area located in north west corner of municipality.
Ward 6
Located immediately to west of Dududu.
Ward 7
Located to south and west of Dududu. Includes Traditional Authority and some commercial agricultural land.
Ward 8
Traditional Authority area located to north of Kenterton.
Ward 9
Commercial farming areas located to south of Kenterton and includes Sawoti.
Ward 10
Commercial farming area to west of UMzinto which includes the Vernon Crookes nature reserve.


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